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PUBG New State's latest Update Global version Released

PUBG is one of the most popular game for mobile users. After the success of PUBG the company has launched its new and one of the best versio...

PUBG is one of the most popular game for mobile users. After the success of PUBG the company has launched its new and one of the best version which is PUBG New States. Initially PUBGNew States have faced some of issues in the form of bugs and lag problem during the gameplay, but the company is working to provide its users one of the best experience of the gameplay in the new version. Today PUBG New States have got a new update version 0.9.24 which is said to be the February's security patch update which brings a lot of new features and some of the bug fixes for making the improvisation in the game for providing better playing experience to its users.

The new update version in the PUBG new States has bring some of the new features for the game like new deathmatch with three different types of weapons with the option which enables the customisation of 2 of the new weapons and some other features like the gift option in the PUBG store and also the revive and recruitment feature for the co player. Also this version brought up some of the bug Fixes, UI improvisations as well as enhancements in the game performance. The Global version of this update has now been released.

One of the major feature additions in the latest update of PUBG New States will be the 4 VS 4 deathmatch in which there will be two teams and each team will be having 4 participants whosoever will be having the highest kill will be winning the game. Another feature will be the Arena Map in which the players in the team have to play 7 matches and the team winning the highest number of matches will win the tournament. Some of the improvisations have also been done in the station map providing it a large amount of space for the better gameplay. The new weapons introduced with this update are Crossbow, DSR-1 gun and MP5K gun.

Co-op feature has also been provided with this update which let's the players to recruit themselves where the three teammates can revive their 4th teammate at a particular time and also they can recruit their teammates to fight with other competitors in the game which make the gameplay faster. This updates also brings up a survivor pass vol. 4 which is useful for getting different costumes and other accessories with the different characters unlock. The gifting system is also enabled in this update which means that the user can gift their fellow teammates anything from the PUBG store. Some more game enhancements are introduced in this update which are QOL improvisations with FPS enhancements and bug fixes like the duplicate item bug is now fixed. Soon the PUBG New States will get the biggest update.

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