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© Techxine 2021 All Rights Reserved. Unless otherwise stated, all content on Techxine is protected by Copyright .

You may NOT redistribute, modify, publish, reproduce, sell, create derivative works or commercially exploit my content without prior written consent.

If wanting to feature an article, you may quote a short snippet from the post which MUST link back to the original post on Techxine . You may NOT post the entire blog post, step-by-step instructions, code or any written material, or modify our image by removing our logo without prior permission .

If you would like to re-post content on your site or use content commercially, please send an email at for a license.

In case we found any Website / Blog Copying article or images from our blog without giving source / snippet from our original blog , we can file a case against you under DCMA act .

We don't want any more websites to come under our blacklist , So Its your duty to give via or source link and not to copy the whole articles and images having Techxine logo from our Website.

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