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How to install Beta Update for iOS 15.4 and iPad OS 15.4 on Apple devices

Apple will soon be releasing the latest version of iOS 15 which is 15.4 for both the iPhones and iPad's. The tech giant is currently per...

Apple will soon be releasing the latest version of iOS 15 which is 15.4 for both the iPhones and iPad's. The tech giant is currently performing some of the tests for the iOS 15.4 version that's why they are offering the beta version to some of its testers second time. Apple has already provided the 1st beta to its testers so that they can test the update version and provide their suggestions for the improvisation if any bug is presented. Now the Company has announced for the 2nd version for its Beta testers by which users can easily get the new update for the testing. Apple has provided a form for the selection after submission of the form Apple will select its Beta testers.

If you want to test the new version of the iOS update which is 15.4 and iPad OS 15.4 so you can install the update form the Apple's website directly. If you have got the update than don't install it in your Apple device which you are personally using instead install it in the device which doesn't have any type of data because there will be high possibility of data loss in the beta version of the update or there may be some of the bugs present which might be the reason for the data loss or any error in your phone so keep it in mind to install the update in the phone which will not be having any data.

The second version of the Beta is some as its earlier release which means that Apple has not done any sort of changes in it currently and now after the testing according to the user's feedback apple will be making some of the changes or fixes in the iOS 15.4 and iPad OS 15.4. This version of update will be having some of the updations like Two different types of face ID's one for full face and one for when you are wearing a mask which makes the Apple devices more secure and efficient.

Coming on to another new feature introduced by Apple in this update which is Tap To Pay feature which enables the users for making payments just by tapping your iPhone to the another person'e phone or shopkeeper's phone. This feature makes the payment simple and much secure for the users. So what are you waiting for go and download the beta version of the update in your respective Apple devices.

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