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Android 12 One UI 4.1 features Revealed by Samsung

Samsung has launched the Android 12 for some of its smartphones just now. Even some of the Samsung phones haven't received the update ti...

Samsung has launched the Android 12 for some of its smartphones just now. Even some of the Samsung phones haven't received the update till now but The Korean Tech giant will soon be launching a new update which is based on Android 12 named as One UI 4.1. Currently Samsung has provided the One UI 4.0 to its users. Samsung has currently uploaded a video on its social media handle in which the Company has explained about the features and specifications of the update. As per the information generated by some of our sources Samsung is currently working on the One UI 4.1 update and will soon launch the Beta testing version of the update to checkout the errors and bugs.

Samsung has hosted an event yesterday in which the company has revealed the launch and specifications about some of its devices which are Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 and also unveiled the details about the Android 12 based One UI 4.1. Samsung has also revealed that all the upcoming devices listed above will be launched with Samsung's One UI 4.1. Now Samsung has uploaded a video on its social media which consists of all the details about the Android 12 based One UI 4.1 update which we are here to share with you.

Samsung has already released One UI 4.o which is currently a major update for the Samsung devices. With the One UI 4,0 update Samsung brought up a lot of changes and of course a new firmware of Android 12 for its users which is now available for almost all of the Samsung's Flagships. Now starting from the Samsung galaxy S22 series the company will be featuring its new firmware version which is One UI 4.1. With this update users will now have the option to choose the Virtual RAM according to the requirements. This feature will increase the RAM of the smartphone which makes the improvisation in the performance of the Samsung smartphones.

The update includes a feature called as RAM Plus feature which enables the users to select the RAM option starting from 2GB, 4GB and 6GB and also 8GB for performance enhancements. This feature will be useful because it allot a portion of memory to the Virtual RAM so that even some of the internal memory will be used as the RAM some users keep on working on the lot's of applications at a time and the smartphone due to having a fix amount of RAM starts lagging and hanging for avoiding this problem Samsung has provided this feature for improvisation of the performance of its smartphones.

Some more features of the Samsung One UI 4.1 will be it provides a camera application which will be having a lot of features like pro mode and many more things which lets you control each and every single lens available in your smartphone. Apart from it the update will be having a smart calendar and multi-window feature and also a feature available for the Samsung smartwatch which is a sleep monitoring system which will monitor and improvise your sleeping experience. This update brings a lot more features for you which are not currently discovered but we will keep you updated about it. Samsung will be soon releasing Beta version of One UI 4.1 which we will also let you know.

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