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Motorola's New Flip Phone Launching Soon

Motorola is known for its innovations in terms of smartphone design and features. Motorola was the 1st company in the world who had launched...

Motorola is known for its innovations in terms of smartphone design and features. Motorola was the 1st company in the world who had launched the foldable and flip smartphones. This innovation of foldable smartphones is followed by other companies like Samsung, Honor, TCL etc. As per the new reports generated by our sources Motorola is now working on a new innovative Flip smartphone which is having its display outside. The company has just now filed a Patent for the design of this flip smartphone in the organisation named as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and has now owning this patent.

According to the information from our sources the design of the foldable phones will be slim and sleek like the earlier Motorola Razr but some of the changes in the display of the smartphone are mage by the company which are the display of the smartphone will be presented outside phone which is surrounded by the foldable display. This smartphone will be the dual screen device which is having the display on both the sides inside and outside. The diagram of the design has also been revealed by our sources which we are going to share with you.

Motorola's new Flip Phone will have a small space at the top of the phone for the camera placement the camera space will be much thicker which will be displayed at the bottom side of the smartphone when the phone is folded. This design will be so much unique than other flip smartphones like the Moto Razr. The Design of the Motorola's Flip phone will be placed in such a way which makes it more responsive and also prevents all the gaps with minimizing the foldable crease which makes the smartphone easily operable.

The foldable mechanism of the Motorola's new Flip phone will be made in such a way so that it can bend easily and can work for a long term. Currently we are not having any sort of information that when the Motorola will be launching this smartphone. Currently the company is working on the implementation phase of the design and soon will be start working on all the technicalities. The expected launch date of the smartphone will be 3rd month of the year 2023. This smartphone will having a display outside which has not been launched by any of the companies but Motorola will be soon launching it. Currently only clamshell display phones are available in the market but not outside display ones. So let's wait and watch we will keep you updated.

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