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Google Pixel 6a VS Nothing Phone1|| Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Google has already launched one of its mid-range Pixel series smartphones that is the Pixel 6a. just after the launch of Pixel 6a , there is...

Google has already launched one of its mid-range Pixel series smartphones that is the Pixel 6a. just after the launch of Pixel 6a, there is a new company that has inaugurated its 1st phone named Nothing 1. Nothing 1 is also a mid-range smartphone that is most popular in the market. Google pixel 6a shares its design with its predecessors that is pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Nothing Phone 1 comes with a totally unique and new design and features. We are here to compare both Google Pixel 6a and Nothing Phone 1 and let you know which is the best one in terms of price, specifications, and usability.

Design Features

Google has launched its Pixel 6a which shares the same design as the other smartphones of the Pixel 6 series. On the backside of the smartphone, it consists the camera bar that consists of a dual camera and a LED flash. The Backside of the Pixel 6a is equipped with a fingerprint-resistant coating that will prevent stains caused by your fingerprints.

The Nothing phone 1 has been launched with a Transparent glass design that provides the inside transparency of its working module. All the joints of the connected components are covered with LED flashlights. This is a completely new design for smartphones. These LED lights sync with all the notifications for messages and calls.

Comparing the design Pixel 6a is the winner because of the protective and durable design provided by google. Nothing phone's design can be easily cracked when the phone is dropped from the backside so it is not that durable in terms of design.

Display and Refresh Rate

Google has offered a screen size of 6.1 inches with Pixel 6a. its display is a Full HD+ OLED display that provides you with a refresh rate of 60hz. Whereas Nothing phone 1 consists of a 6.55 inches display equipped with the same Full HD OLED display but here Nothing gets the advantage because it offers you the refresh rate of 120hz which is just double that of pixel 6a. Both the smartphones have almost the same display that is having an in-display fingerprint sensor but the difference is in refresh rate only.


We have already discussed the hardware of Pixel 6a. It is equipped with the same chipset as its predecessors ' Tensor GS101'. This is the flagship level chipset that offers you higher performance rates. This chipset offers you a highly efficient and powerful ISP for image processing. This processor provides it with high-level performance rates.

On the other hand, Nothing phone 1 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ chipset which is one of the most premium processors offered by Qualcomm. However, this processor is not the flagship-level processor but provides the smartphone with higher efficiency and performance.

Here also the clear winner is Pixel 6a which is having the flagship level and the most powerful processor.


Google offers you the 12MP primary camera with an f/1.7 aperture and another 12MP of the ultrawide camera with an f/2.2 aperture at the rear side. Coming on to the front camera Pixel 6a is launched with an 8MP of front camera for capturing selfies.

On the other hand, Nothing Phone 1 offers you multiple cameras on the rear side. One is a 50MP primary camera with a Sony IMX766 sensor and another 50 MP Ultrawide camera with Samsung's JN1 sensor. Coming on to its front side, Nothing Phone 1 is equipped with a 16 MP of Selfie camera.

here Nothing is a clear winner in the camera segment. Whereas the Pixel is always known for its picture-capturing quality but this time Nothing Phone 1 is the clear winner here.


Google offers you a battery size of 4410 mAh on its new launch which is the Pixel 6a. Pixel 6a supports the 18w faster charging with a wired charger.

Coming on to the Nothing phone 1 it consists of almost the same battery size of 4500 mAh. The phone supports the faster charging of 33w with the wired charger and it also offers you a 15w wireless charging.

Here also Nothing is the clear winner in terms of battery and charging speed and experience.

OS updates

We have seen that the Google Pixel smartphones have always got the latest Android-based updates whether it is a security patch or a software upgrade. Now Google has changed some of its rules and promised to offer an update for 5 years from the date of the launch of the Pixel 6a smartphone. It is not clear how many updates it will get.

Coming on to the Nothing Phone 1. Nothing has recently launched its 1st smartphone in the market which is Nothing Phone 1. With this smartphone, nothing has promised the software update of 3 years and 4 years of security patch updates.

Well, when it comes to the updates Google's Pixel smartphones are always the winner in this segment. Google has continued this tradition of winning with the Pixel 6a smartphone also.


Lastly coming on to the price of both smartphones. Google Pixel 6a is available in the market with the same mid-range price of $450in the USA and in Europe, it is launched at the price of 459 Euros, and in India, the smartphone is priced at Rs. 44,000.

Coming on to the price of Nothing Phone 1. Nothing offers you this smartphone at a price range of 469 Euros and In India, this smartphone will be priced at Rs. 33,000. Nothing is not launching this smartphone in the USA.

Conclusion || Which is the best?

We have compared both smartphones with different aspects. Both smartphones are considered the best mid-range smartphones. So if you are living in the USA where Nothing Phone 1 is not launching then you can opt-out of the Google Pixel 6a. If you are living in any other region and need a higher camera, and battery and have a slightly low budget then you can go with the Nothing phone 1.

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