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Samsung Galaxy S21 Starts getting May 2022's Security Update in US

Samsung has already started rolling out the may 2022's Security update for some of its smartphones already. Some of the smartphones have...

Samsung has already started rolling out the may 2022's Security update for some of its smartphones already. Some of the smartphones have already got the update. In our previous article we have stated about Samsung rolled out May 2022's security update for Samsung Galaxy S21 in Italy but currently according to some of our sources Samsung has started rolling out the latest security path update for all the Carrier Locked variants of Galaxy S21 Series smartphones in US. We are here to discuss about the update.

Now let's talk about the details of the update. The update is having the firmware version G991USQU5CVDB. The update consists of some of the stability fixes and optimisations for providing better stability to the smartphone, Secondly the update consists of Some of the bug fixes which were presented in the smartphone and now been fixed in the May 2022's Security update and lastly the update consists of the security vulnerability fixes which makes the smartphone more secure for the users. The update is currently rolled out in Italy but will be soon rolled out for the other regions as well which will take time may be some weeks.

As previously discussed Samsung Galaxy S21 has started getting May 2022's Security Patch Update for all the Carrier Locked variants in US. Samsung Galaxy S21 series consists of Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra and if you are owning any of the above mentioned carrier locked smartphones then you can start checking for the update in your Galaxy S21 series smartphones respectively. You can check for the update just by navigating to Settings >> Software Update >> (if available) Download & Install in your Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones.

Coming on to the requirements of the update. The May 2022's Security Patch requires some of the free space inside your Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones and the battery level should be more than 60% when going to update so make sure to charge your smartphone before going to update or else you can plug-in the charger when going to update your Samsung Galaxy S21 Series smartphones. If you have received the update then you can let us know in the comment section below.

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