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Google Started Rolling out April 2022's Security Patch Update For Pixel Smartphones

As we all know Google is one of the Biggest Tech Giant in the world. Google has manufactured several devices one of them are smartphones. Go...

As we all know Google is one of the Biggest Tech Giant in the world. Google has manufactured several devices one of them are smartphones. Google has earlier started working on the April's Security Patch Update. Our sources have confirmed that Google has started rolling out the April 2022's Security patch update. According to our sources Google has not introduced any sort of new feature in this update but there are a lot of fixes in this update. The smartphones which has started getting the update is Pixel 3a and later models of the Pixel Smartphones.

There were a lot of issues which were faced by the pixel 6 series smartphone users so this update also consists of the major bug fixes for the Pixel 6 models and also for the other Pixel phones. Firstly the major fix is made in improvising the wireless charging performance of the pixel smartphone. There were also some of the UI Fixes like the Error message when the user setting the live wallpapers, Notification disappear when the wallpaper is changed, and also some fixes in the PIP mode are also been done By google.

Google has also made some of the fixes in the Camera of the pixel smartphones which is the main part of the smartphone. The fixes in the camera will be the Auto zoom in some of the applications and also the camera screen getting the Green display also been fixed by Google. These things are fixed for all the Pixel series smartphones starting from the Pixel 3a and going on to Pixel 6 series. The update also consists of Some of the stability improvisations of the Pixel smartphones which will improvise the usability of the smartphones. Some of the security vulnerabilities are also been fixed by google in this update.

Currently all the Pixel phones are running on Android 12 and now the April 2022's Security Patch has been rolled out. The Firmware version of the update for the Pixel 6 Series Smartphones will be SP2A.220405.004 and for the other pixel smartphones the firmware version will be SP2A.220405.003. If you are the Pixel user and having any of the Pixel devices starting from Pixel 3a till Pixel 6 Series smartphones then you can start checking for the update in your smartphone.

You can check for the update if you have above mentioned Pixel Smartphones then you can check for the update just by navigating to Settings >> Software Update >> Download & Install. The update requires some free space in your smartphone and also the battery level at least 60% so make sure to charge your smartphone before going to update it. If you have already updated it then don't frget to comment the details below.

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