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WhatsApp Rolled Out a New Voice Message Interface

WhatsApp is one of the highest used messaging applications in the world. Currently the users prefer to send voice messages to each other tha...

WhatsApp is one of the highest used messaging applications in the world. Currently the users prefer to send voice messages to each other that's why WhatsApp has decided to add a new voice message interface in WhatsApp. This interface will be having a lot of features which are confirmed by our sources which we are here to share with you. WhatsApp has started rolling out the update which consists lots of features of Voice message interface which facilitates all the WhatsApp users in sending Voice Messages.

Earlier this feature of WhatsApp was in Beta testing phase which also have revealed some details about this feature introduced by WhatsApp. According to our sources this feature make all the WhatsApp users to listen the voice message even when they are outside of that particular chat which enables the users to read or do multiple chats at particular point of time.

With the voice message interface introduced by WhatsApp the users will be getting the voice interface at the top side of the WhatsApp which makes the users to listen to the voice chat of any particular chat which consists of a voice message. This interface enables the users to Dismiss, Resume or Pause that particular voice message which will be helping the users to perform multiple chats at a particular time. The interface also consists of the Wave visualization which displays the progress bar of the voice messages.

If you are the WhatsApp user then you can now easily pause the message and can perform another task on your device and afterwards there is no need to listen the voice not again from the start instead you can listen it from where you have paused it which is one of the best feature according to us which facilitates all the WhatsApp users. Another good feature of this interface is that you can now pause your voice recording and can resume it when you are again ready to send it. This feature also enables to listen your voice recording before sending it to the user whom you are going to send it. You can also listen your voice message by speeding it up in 1.5x or 2x speed.

This update will soon be there in your devices however WhatsApp has started to roll out this update and you can now check for the updates on the play store of App Store both for the Android and IOS Devices. This update will be available to all the WhatsApp users within few weeks.

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