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Samsung rolled out new March 2022 Security Patch Update for Galaxy S21

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Samsung has promised from its users to roll out the latest firmware upda...

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Samsung has promised from its users to roll out the latest firmware updates for its smartphones and is fulfilling it that's why the company has got so many loyal users who only prefers Samsung's smartphones. Some of our sources have confirmed that Samsung has started rolling out the Security patch update of March 2022 for its Galaxy S21 series smartphones which is one of the good news for its users. Earlier Samsung has just rolled out the March's Security patch update for the Galaxy S22 series smartphone which are launched in the last month of this year. Currently according to our sources Samsung will be releasing this update for some more devices.

Samsung has currently rolled out the update for the Galaxy S21 series smartphone which includes Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra. All the three smartphones have now start getting the March 2022's Security Patch Update which will be having the update version :G99xU1UES5BVC1. Currently Samsung has rolled out this update for only some of the Carrier Versions like T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Xfinity mobile, C-Spire, Comcast and also Bluegrass Cellular in US. Samsung will soon release the March 2022 update for all the S21 series smartphones in all the regions Worldwide.

Samsung will be releasing this update for other regions within this week or starting of the next week. Currently the update is available in the US region. If you are using any of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones and living in US then you can start checking for the March 2022 Security Patch updates. You can check the update just by navigation to the Settings >> Software Update >> (if available) Download and Install. Some of the other websites are also providing the firmware file so you can also check them out but my suggestion is to wait for the original update.

The March 2022's security patch update consists of a lot of bug fixes which were there in the smartphone and faced by its users. Samsung has fixed all those bugs and also improvised the security of the smartphone and also enhances the stability of the smartphone. Some of the features were also modified like the widgets and many other things have been improvised in this update which lets the users of Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones to use their smartphone without any bugs and stability issues. Currently more information has not been provided by our sources so we have shared all we have got.

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