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Samsung About to launch Z Series Foldable P shaped Smartphone

via LetsGoDigital x Jermaine Smit Samsung is one of the biggest tech giants of South Korea. Samsung is also known for its innovations in the...

via LetsGoDigital x Jermaine Smit

Samsung is one of the biggest tech giants of South Korea. Samsung is also known for its innovations in the devices. The concept of the foldable smartphones has been introduced by the Samsung itself after which other companies have also made such type of smartphones. Currently Samsung is working on one of its new innovative ideas which is a new foldable P shaped smartphone. This information has been generated by our sources from different types of leaks which are saying different things about the Samsung's new Innovations. The reports generated by our sources says that the Samsung has recently Patent a device which is a foldable P shaped smartphone Named as Samsung Galaxy Z and also Samsung will soon start working on it. This is one of the weird and unique patent of a smartphone filed by Samsung.

According to our sources the patent filed by Samsung has now publicly revealed by the company currently the some other websites have also made the renders of the P shaped foldable smartphone which shows a weird design of the smartphone. Our sources have also stated that the P shaped foldable smartphone will similarly work like a normal Samsung foldable smartphone but the major difference is that the P shaped smartphone will have a half cut display at the top left side of the phone which is somewhat similar to the smartphones having a rear display panels. The left side foldable display will work as a side display used for multitasking and when it will be opened by the users the smartphone will exactly look like a P shaped phone and when the display is folded the Samsung Galaxy Z will look like a Normal Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The display will be foldable at the rear side of the smartphone as per the leaked design the smartphone will be made in such a way that there will be an empty slot at the rear panel of Samsung Galaxy Z series smartphone on which the foldable screen will be placed. The camera placement will be done at the left side of the rear panel. Samsung has built up an new hinge for making such a foldable screen possible in the smartphone. That hinge will be placed at the left side of the smartphone and also with some of the security measures for the break prevention of the side display in the Samsung Z series smartphone. The foldable display will be made up of the ultra thin glass which is currently used by the company in its other foldable smartphones.

Samsung has not revealed anything about it officially but as per the reports by our sources Samsung will soon start working on this innovation. This innovation will support users to perform multiple tasks on both the screen for instance the user cam make a video call on the left foldable screen with the upper right screen also and the lower screen will perform some other task on some other application. This is one of the weirdest designs we have ever seen in the smartphone but will facilitates the users in a lot of things. We can't say anything currently about the smartphone as currently we are not having enough data about it but we will keep you updated.

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