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OnePlus 9RT Gets Security Update

OnePlus is currently working on some of the updates for the OS of its smartphones. Currently OnePlus have announced a new security update fo...

OnePlus is currently working on some of the updates for the OS of its smartphones. Currently OnePlus have announced a new security update for OnePlus 9RT, OnePlus 8 Series and Na its Nord series smartphones. Currently we are here to talk about the latest update launched for the OnePlus 9 RT smartphone. Currently OnePlus has launched the update for the above listed smartphones. As per the reports generated by our sources which states that OnePlus has launched the Security patch update named as Oxygen OS 11_A.05. Which is now available for the above mentioned OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus is currently working on the security updates for some other OnePlus devices also.

As per the reports generated by our sources OnePlus has launched the security update for the OnePlus 9 RT smartphone whose update version will be the MT2111_11_A.05. The update version is currently available for the OnePlus9RT smartphone so you can now start checking the OnePlus 9RT devices for the Security update. The update will consume 198 MB of space in your devices. The update will be having a lots of performance improvisations and bug fixes with the security enhancements and stability control. The update is named as the February's Security patch update.

Coming on to the features and improvisations of the update Earlier OnePlus 9RT was facing a lots of bugs with performance and stability issues for which OnePlus was working to provide its users with the clear solution in the February 2022's security patch update. Some of the system optimisations like the improvisations in the color schemes of the data saver button, removed the permission popup which was earlier appearing before accessing the File manager, System stability, Clock not working on the switching on the dark mode, Administrator mode not working when checking for a software update and Auto screen off time not working and many more system improvisations are done in this update.

Coming on to the camera updations February's security patch update consists of the 60 Fps improvised video recording, Photos not captured while using the Ultra-Wide mode, blurry images, Auto flash on and off when taking photos and videos. Some of the bluetooth improvements are also been done like the improvisation in the bluetooth car connectivity. This update also consists of the optimisations in the image sync in the cloud services and also fixed the video call freeze issue on Instagram. These Bug fixes are been fixed by OnePlus. The update also consists of some optimisations like feature enhancements and stability control update. OnePlus is currently working for the release of the Oxygen OS 11_A.05 so you can now start checking it in your OnePlus 9RT by navigating to the Settings >> System updates >> (if available) >> Download and Install. Just by following the above steps you can download the February's Security Patch Update.

OnePlus will soon releasing the February's security patch update for some other smartphones like OnePlus8 series, Nord Series and Nord CE series smartphones soon may be within this month which will be having some performance improvisations and device enhancements for the devices listed above which facilitates the users of OnePlus smartphones.

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