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Google Maps disable street view in Ukraine

Google is one of the biggest Tech giant. One of the mapping applications of Google named as Google Maps is a very useful application for peo...

Google is one of the biggest Tech giant. One of the mapping applications of Google named as Google Maps is a very useful application for people which helps you in navigation and getting the traffic and route data easily. Currently there is a situation of War going on between Russia and Ukraine. Our sources have provided us some important information which states that Google Maps have stopped the street view and navigation of Ukraine confirmed by the recent reports from our sources. Currently Russia has sent their troops for attacking Ukraine that's why Google has prevented the worldwide users to get the navigation and traffic details of Ukraine instead the local users are allowed to access all the features of Google maps who are living in Ukraine.

Earlier some countries were accessing all the navigational data of the Ukraine. There is a Research facility located in California America was accessing all the data through the satellite camera view of Ukraine to get the information about the Russian Invasion which leads to the accessibility of all the data about the Russian forces which are intruding the Ukrainian Border. This is the reason why google has prevented all the worldwide users to access the Map data such as Traffic, Street view, Navigational data and many more things which are used to track the traffic spots of Ukraine.

Google maps is such a great invention by the Google which provide all types of data about a particular place or country. Earlier the users can get the information only from the news sources because the information source was earlier limited to the news channels only but Google Maps have brought up such a great feature so that the users can access each and every types of information about any country or any place sitting at one place. This is the reason why Google has prevented the users living in other regions to access all the data related to business, traffic and navigation in Ukraine but the data is currently accessible by the local people. This is done to prevent Russian forces to track all the movements of Ukrainian Military.

Ukrainian government also took some more steps in order to make their country less predictable and create confusion among the Russian troops by removing all the road signs and street maps from all the streets of Ukraine. Now today google has turned off the map accessibility of Ukraine for all the users worldwide which leads to maintain the secrecy of all the Ukrainian locations which is a helping hand of google towards the Ukraine. This news is conformed from google by our sources which shared the information with us. We will keep you updated about it.

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