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Android 13 Battery Drain Alert Feature Revealed

Google is currently working on one of the new versions of Android which is Android 13. Currently Android 13 is on the development and testin...

Google is currently working on one of the new versions of Android which is Android 13. Currently Android 13 is on the development and testing phase on which several people are working for providing better experience for the Android users in the new OS Update. Our sources have revealed some of the information about the Android 13 which consists of the battery drain alert feature. Battery is one of the basic things which is mostly needed by the users for working on their smartphone which means battery is the heart of a Smartphone. Some of the users are not able to use their smartphone due to low battery level and after which they have to charge their smartphone.

Some of the applications can also drain the battery of your smartphone by the background battery usage. To stop this unnecessary background battery usage of your Android Smartphone Android 13 is now introduced with a new battery drain alert feature which will provide an alert message when an application us unnecessarily using your smartphone's battery in background. If the user will get the Alert message then he/she can optimize the battery usage accordingly in their smartphones respectively.

The Android 13 will be resolving the excessive battery drain issue in the android smartphones with the help of this feature the users can optimize the battery usage and can also prevent the applications using the battery in the background. Our sources also says that when user will not be using any application then also an application is running on background and draining the battery of smartphone then the system will generate the Alert which says the application is draining your battery. The Alert will not be generated by system when the user is currently using the application means it will not generate alert for the foreground applications.

Some other feature of Android system will be if an Foreground app is running for more than 20 hours and detected by Android 13 than a sort of message will be generated which is "App Running in background for long time" which will redirect you to the Task manager of your device from you can close that application. This is one of the best battery saver feature in the upcoming Android 13 which will help you save your battery consumed by the apps running on background. Currently google is providing the developer preview of Android 15 so you can also try it. That's it what he have got we will keep you updated.

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