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iPhone 14 Pro Specifications & Design Leaked

As we all know Soon Apple will be going to launch its iPhone 14 Series smartphones. The American Tech Giant has now started working on the i...

As we all know Soon Apple will be going to launch its iPhone 14 Series smartphones. The American Tech Giant has now started working on the iPhone 14 models. As per the reports generated by our sources Foxconn which is a large scale semiconductor supplier of Apple has started the trial of the iPhone 14 Pro smartphone. Earlier the iPhone 14 series is on the testing phase on which it has to gone through several tests after which it will be sent for manufacturing. According to the reports Apple has now fianalized the design of iPhone 14 Pro and currently iPhone 14 Pro is in the manufacturing phase and going through some early stages. Foxconn is a Taiwanese Semiconductor brand which is one of the biggest semiconductor supplier of Apple.

As per the data generated from the reports of our sources the Foxconn will be manufacturing the Top end units of Apple's iPhone 14 which is 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Other lower end models of Apple's iPhone 14 will be manufactured by some other manufacture who is Luxshare. Luxshare will be manufacturing the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Mini variant of the iPhone 14 Series. Our sources also stated n the report that the Foxconn will be starting OEM trial production to check whether the company is capable of meeting the Apple's standards and can design the products based on Apple's standards. Firstly Foxconn will be designing the trial units and than the company will soon begin the Mass production of iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Coming on to the design features of iPhone 14 and 14 Pro version Apple will be featuring a completely new design for iPhone 14 Models which means the company is not following the older design patterns in their upcoming iPhone 14 series. According to the latest renders the Apple iPhone 14 series is supposed to be like its older versions which are iPhone 4 and 5. The iPhone 14 will be having same circular buttons as it was in the iPhone 4 and 5 series models. As per our earlier article the Apple will be completely removing the notch display from its iPhone 14 series and instead of notch the company is planning to feature the Pill shaped cutout for the camera and Face-Id placement.

The camera system which the apple will be featuring from its iPhone 14 models will be the TrueDepth camera system which will also be working as Face-ID with the front camera. Coming on the the screen size of iPhone 14 series Apple will be introducing 4 models in the iPhone 14 series which are iPhone 14 Mini, iPhone 14 which are having the 6.1 inch display and the other two iPhone 14 Pro and 14 pro Max will be having the 6.7 inches of display. Apple will also make some of the improvements in the rear cameras of the iPhone 14 series which are expected to be a 48MP camera which is capable of recording 8K videos and also some improvisations are made in the UltraWide lens placed at the rear side with the cameras.

As per the recent reports Apple will be introducing 8GB of RAM in the iPhone 14 Pro models which are termed as the top-end models of iPhone 14 series. Some of the rumours are also saying that the Physical SIM card slot will not be there in the iPhone 14 but this isn't possible currently because in some countries E-Sim concept is currently not available so Apple can introduce this concept with iPhone 15 series and not in iPhone 14 series. Apple will soon be announcing the iPhone 14 series model so wait for it we will share all the updates with you so stay connected.

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