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Google Pixel 7 information leak

Google has recently released its Pixel 6 series smartphones now the Tech Giant is working on its upcoming Pixel series which is Pixel 7. We ...

Google has recently released its Pixel 6 series smartphones now the Tech Giant is working on its upcoming Pixel series which is Pixel 7. We have got some of the information from our sources about some of the leaks of the Google's pixel 7 specifications. Google has now surfaced the first batch of Pixel7 series smartphone. Currently Google is working on the Pixel 7 series smartphone which states that the company will soon be releasing its Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones. According to the information google will be revealing all the teasers of its Pixel 7 series may be in the month of October or November.

Our sources have generated more information about Google Pixel 7 Series smartphone. Google will be offering the Tensor chipset of 2nd Generation which consists of the Exynos 5300 Network connectivity which offers one of the best 5G network connectivity for the effective internet connectivity. Google has now offered the codename to both the Pixel 7 series smartphone which are Cheetah and Panther. Currently Processor of both the smartphones named as Tensor GS201 is under the testing phase which means that Google will take time in the release of the Pixel 7 series which is given another codename as "Cloudripper"

The cloudripper is currently going through some of the durability tests for both the codenames Cheetah and panther. Now let's talk about the codename given by the google to its smartphones. Google has always given the codename to its devices after the name of fishes like the Google Pixel 6 series smartphones were having codenames "Raven" and "Oriole" which are the names of fishes. Now coming on the the Pixel 7 series the company has now started giving the codename in the name of animals which has started form the Pixel 7 series smartphones. The Exynos network chipset has also given the codename by the Google as "Ravenclaw" which is referred to as the Harry Potter's Magic School Hogwarts and also gives the clarity that The tech Giant will be offering some magical things with its Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones respectively.

Earlier Google has given the Codename to the Tensor's chipset as "Whitefin" for the Pixel 5 smartphones which is a combination of the testing module of both Pixel 5 as "Whitechapel" and "fin" from the Pixel 5s which was "Redfin" and the combination of both makes "Whitefin". Similarly the Raven is taken from the Pixel 6 Series and Claw from the upcoming Pixel 7 series the combination of both makes "Ravenclaw". Google is currently working on its foldable pixel smartphones whose information is provided in our previous article which will be expected to launch in the Quarter 4 of this year 2022 and soon Google will be announcing the Pixel 7 series teaser which we will share with you as soon as we got any further information about it.

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