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Android 13's latest features revealed

Samsung has already released android 12 for its smartphones but some of the users are facing issues with the update. Android 12 is the lates...

Samsung has already released android 12 for its smartphones but some of the users are facing issues with the update. Android 12 is the latest android version released by the google. As per the information from sources we got to know that Latter Software company has already started working on the next upcoming version which is Android 13 named as "Tiramisu". Some of the upcoming features of this android version has also revealed.

the (XDA developers) clearly provides the Pre released android 13 build which have clearly featured some of the features which can be there with the release of Android 13. Unfortunately the date of release is not known but the source about the features is confident and also provided some of the screenshot which shows that it is genuine.

Now let's have a look on some features which Android 13 is having:
Notification Runtime permissions:
with Android 13 the app notifications will get the advance feature of the runtime permissions for example none other than camera as well as location, users can provide the runtime permissions to the app notifications using the privacy setting when you are installing a new app in smartphone.


Per- app language options:

This is one of the best features for the users. This feature provides the different language choices for multilingual people if this feature is implemented in Android 13 the users can easily sed different languages for the different apps they are using on their smartphones without changing the system language.

The Android Resource Economy (TARE):

Currently google is also concentrating on the energy management feature which manages the energy and avoids the wastage of the smartphone energy. used by applications. This feature is named as "The Android Resource Economy (TARE)".

This feature provides a virtual economy where applications are can access "Android Resource Credit " according to the smartphone's battery level and some other approaches. this virtual economy will provide credits to different running apps to perform tasks.

New UI lock screen Clock:

With Android 12 a new visual effect has been added which is the lock screen can change from a double line to a single one when the smartphone gots any notification. with Android 13 the new toggling or disabling feature of the lock screen animation which can maintain a double line clock layout even when the notification arrives in smartphone.

As the data is according to some of the sources so it is not sure that all these features are finalised in Android 13 so it can only be known when the OS will officially released.

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